__Everything is in a constant state of vibration at its own frequency and amplitude, from the subatomic level to the largest scale imaginable. Thus, resonance and reverberation describe more than just sonic behaviour. This analytical lens allows one to view the behaviour of sound in space as a mode of communication between all existing particles, and to uncover the new meaning behind their behaviour. In order to do so, one must first learn how to listen, because listening and hearing are very different.

__Recordat’s sound does not fall under a specific genre, it can rather be described as experimental and bold sonic narratives with eerie tendencies and is largely based on attentive listening to the mysterious series of relation and encounter.

Recordat__ was born as a series of listening sessions, performances and club nights taking place in Jordan and Palestine in 2016. Through a carefully selected matching of sound and hidden architectural gems, Recordat curates experimental recording sessions that highlight local and regional producers experimenting with new territories of sound. Since then, Recordat expanded its curation to include concepts such as sonic cinema and spatial sound installations, and developed a bi-weekly radio program on Radio AlHara that experiments with radio as a medium and its influence on new ways in which we listen. Today, Recordat is best defined as a sound platform that keeps expanding its format through the collective work and collaborations of sound artists that are challenging their current realities through acts of deep listening.

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