Everything is in a constant state of vibration at its own frequency and amplitude, from the subatomic level to the largest scale imaginable. Thus, resonance and reverberation describe more than just sonic behaviour. This analytical lens allows one to view the behaviour of sound in space as a mode of communication between all existing particles, and to uncover the new meaning behind their behaviour. In order to do so, one must first learn how to listen, because listening and hearing are very different.

Recordat’s sound does not fall under a specific genre, it can rather be described as experimental and bold sonic narratives with eerie tendencies and is largely based on attentive listening to the mysterious series of relation and encounter.

Recordat is a group of artists, art researchers and curious minds that share a profound love and appreciation for sound and an ever-evolving quest to challenge their current realities, individually and collectively.

Recordat started out as a series of recording sessions for friends that share live experimental music in a cozy setup in Palestine and Jordan. Shortly after, the project moved to Berlin and began integrating with its’ progressive music scene through creating a series of unique and intimate events that highlighted musicians from across the Mediterranean and introduced them to Berlin's diverse audience. The events grew bigger and the community stronger, until the moment a global pandemic was now the one to challenge our realities.

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